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If You Are Wanting To Start Your Own T-Shirt Business, Everything you need to get started is right here!

The information and products on this site is design to help you get your t shirt business up and running quick and easy, without hassle. This is a T-Shirt Business Tutoring site. It is designed to not only  supply you with easy to understand information and in a step-by-step format, but can supply you with resources and equipment to help you get started. Click Here For More Information

11 Reasons To Start A T-Shirt Business

  1. Everybody loves t-shirts.  Young and Old, churches, family reunions, health professionals, schools and other organizations.
  2. T Shirts are recession proof. They are inexpensive and therefore affordable even when times are hard
  3. Low Start-up. You can start a t shirt business with very little money and start making money right away as compared to most businesses.
  4. A t shirt business is very flexible. You don’t need a brick and mortar business.  You can sell on the street, from your car, or out of your home.
  5. T- shirts are timeless. They never go out of style.
  6. T-Shirts can be customized to fit your own personal style.
  7. You can wear them in both warm and cold climates.
  8. You can market your business by wearing your own t shirts.
  9. Starting your own t shirt business is one of the easiest way to become self-employed.
  10. You can create your own designs or you can use stock designs or, you can outsource the work to other t shirt professionals and let them do the work for you.
  11. A t-shirt business works!

Just What Are Heat Transfers?

A heat transfer is a design that has been created with an image or graphic art work that has been applied to “transfer paper”.  Once applied to the paper, the design can then be transferred onto a t-shirt or other garments using a heat press machine. You can buy heat transfers in stock or pre-made designs, or you can create your own design either by doing it yourself, or by having a professional create it for you.

 Stock or Pre-made Designs?

Stock or pre- made designs are designs that have already been created by a commercial or professional company using an image or art work that has been applied to a special high release paper using a special ink called “plastisol” ink.  Once the design has been applied to the paper, it can then be transferred onto a t-shirt or other garment with a press machine.

With stock or pre-made designs there are usually many categories to choose from such as animal, religious and sports etc.   You simply select from the categories provide. Once you have made your selection and have place your order, the transfers will be shipped directly to your business or resident.

Unlike home-made transfers that are made with the use of transfer paper and a home printer, stock designs, depending on where and who you buy them from, are high quality designs. They will last a long time and will not fade or wash off.   Stock designs are the same as screen print designs except they are applied to the t shirt using a heat press machine.  A screen print design is transferred from the screen directly onto the t shirt. The only difference in a screen print design and a stock or pre-made design is the method used to transfer it onto the t shirt.

Creating Your Own Designs

If don’t want to use stock designs, you can create your own heat transfers by using your own art work and having it turned into a professional heat transfer. There are companies who specializes in creating customized heat transfers.  All that is required is for you to send send them an image or copy of your art work that was created by you or an experienced graphic designer.  When your image or art work is received, it will be turned into a high quality, professional heat transfer that will not fade or wash off.  Creating your own transfers from your own design allows you to express your own personal style.

For a complete guide on heat transfers, where to buy them and how to turn your own designs into heat transfers, Click Here to view my “Quick Start Guide”.